Jesus Fence

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We will build 1 free gate for only privacy fence that has more than 100ft

We build Privacy Fences

We install,& repair your fence or we can build you the best fence in Texas, because we dig the post holes 24 inches deep, use concrete, use treated posts, runners treated too, the best pickets cedar or pine(hand picked) you can find.  The fence will stay there for years.

For your info, be sure when you are getting your bids for the fence that you consider the following:

***what is included in the price per linear footage?

***Is there a "rock charge"?

***What is used to build the fence?

***Is there a teardown and haulaway charge?

***How thick are the pickets being used?

***How responsive is the contractor when called and how

 timely is the estimate?

***The type of gate and how many?


My price per linear footage covers clean up, teardown,

material, labor and the tools.

We charge for haul away, price depends on what we are

hauling away.

The price increases if you want a custom fence,how tall

the fence(4, 6,or 8ft high), and how many rails you want.

You got all the material, well the price per linear footage

decreases if you are the one who buys all the material.








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